Building better software
for better business

Helping our clients creating innovative software to bring their business to the next level.

Why us?

We understand how a great software app can help you grow your business exponentially, bring much needed efficiency, and an overall leaner and meaner business.

Great app does not have to be complex. With innovative thinking and the right mindsets coupled with fitting technologies - you will have great apps that are not only easy to use, but more importantly will also be far more effective in achieving your business growth and efficiency objectives.

Product in development

We are currently focusing our efforts on developing mobile application called TimeTrack. It is an employee productivity app. We have successfully implemented and deployed the application that has been used by one of our clients that has about 20,000 users.

We are in the process of making some of the components of the app as a standalone product. We plan to launch in Q2 2019.

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